Four ways to participate globally


This year's global experience will come in several forms: 

  1. Send in sounds and verses for our "Voices of Ingress" music video. "How to" video:
    contact @dementedtulip or @LibertyBot2
  2. Create a tandem art piece of your choosing in your home town.
    contact @doomsidoodeedoo
  3. Create and mail origami hearts to be placed inside of our tesseract.
    contact @boogerlite
  4. Create mission murals representing the Liminal Continuum.
    contact @doomsidoodeedoo

Register to participate or contact Nancy on telegram @doomsidoodeedoo. 

Voices of Ingress

The incredibly talented Kim Novac is writing a song just for you. Yes, you, the agent reading this right now. We are compliling thoughts, feelings, and experiences into a song that we plan to turn into a music video and then sing around the campfire at Navarro. There are several ways to  particpate: 

  1. Send in a few short sentences or words describing what you hear as you play Ingress day to day, how Ingress makes you feel, and/or your favorite Ingress moment. Send to @dementedtulip on Telegram. 
  2. Record local sounds in your area as you play: trains, bells, wind, cars, animals and upload them to YouTube with the hashtags: #VoicesofIngress #SoundsofIngress #LiminalContinuum and make sure you let us know what part of the world they are from.
  3. Record a short video of yourself taking a deep breath in and out, and then clapping, clicking your tongue, and popping your lips. Then upload you video to YouTube with the hashtags: #VoicesofIngress #SoundsofIngress #LiminalContinuum.
  4. After the lyrics and melody are posted, we would LOVE to have you sing a portion (or the whole thing) in your native language. Sign language would be amazing too! Upload to YouTube with the hashtags: #VoicesofIngress #SoundsofIngress #LiminalContinuum

These will be compiled by our sound engineers to create a music video that will feature you, the song we write, and the sounds from around the world.

Contact @dementedtulip or @LibertyBot2 in telegram with any questions or ideas you might have.


REMOTE art build

Do you want to build a remote tecthulu portal? Would you like to build and plan with us, create a portal onmibus, no matter where you live?

We invite agents around the world to create a satelite network of local art. It can be any size or style that best represents your experience of the portal network. These can be crafted in any manner you'd like: paper or wood, electronics or digital images, or maybe even mashed potato or latte foam art... ANYTHING that inspires you and your local group. Art pieces do NOT need to be massive technical things and can be smaller and focused on what your area has the time for. Focus on fun. Body paint anyone?

Then, post images, videos, and if you want, write ups about your art on G+ with #Navarro2018 #liminalcontinuum #ArtofIngress. We will reshare and collate all of the remote tecthulu art pieces as virtual portals and create a global map pin-pointing their location, and then "starburst" to them all from Navarro.

All art pieces will be entered into a drawing to receive a 2-foot tall acrylic resonator. We will announce the drawing winners on May 26th from Camp Navarro. 

(Note: we cannot put your artwork as a"portal" into the actual portal network, but we will be create a special intel map that will pinpoint the location of your art and then create a virtual starburst to it from our portal at Navarro)

Global Art Coordinator: @doomsidoodeedoo on telegram

Origami heartS

Would you like to send a little piece of your heart to Navarro to be placed inside of a tesseract? Much of our project represents folded space/time, so in a nod to both that and last year's project we would love for you to create an origami heart that we can place in our portal onsite at Navarro. 

We will put LED lights inside the hearts to represent places on the globe where the hearts came from, using other lighting/elements to make fields and links around the globe (visually like the startup globe inside the tesseract).

Choose any material you would like: local newspaper, stationary, magazine, cloth, etc...anything that represents where you are from. Don't have anything other than scrap paper or notebooks? Make them out of that too! You can send as many hearts as you'd like. Once you are signed up, we will send you the mailing address for the hearts. 

We recommend creating a local event and gathering agents to fold hearts together and then mailing them in one package to save on costs and to make it more fun. Post pics on G+ with the hashtags: #liminalcontinuum #Navarro2018 #HeartsofIngress. 

Point of Contact:: @boogerlite on telegram

Origami heart instructions: 

Mission & Mosaics

Bring your mission creator talents together and help us create missions around the world! You can create single missions or an entire mural based on the art of our project. Have a better idea that fits in with our theme? Let us know!

Once your mission and/or mosaic is live, organize and event for your local agents  and complete them together (everything is better with a friend). Upload your complete missions in scanner and pictures of your event to G+ using the hashtags: #Navarro2018 #liminalcontinuum #missions4all

We will be managing the global mission creation in telegram and images in Google Drive. A link will be provided to you after you register, which you can do here: Register Now!

Point of Contact: @doomsidoodeedoo